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Employee Engagement Services

Employee Engagement Services

Service Overview

Web, mobile device, and offline facilitation services help you to benchmark engagement as well as generate, capture, and leverage your team’s ideas and suggestions.

Our project team has been collecting data on engagement trends in China since 2007 and can provide a clearer picture into what drives your team.

About Employee Engagement Services

The employee engagement services team is ready to help with a variety of strategies to generate, capture, and leverage your team’s collective wisdom. Engagement benchmarking services include the online China Employee Engagement Survey that has been benchmarking engagement in China, Asia, and the Middle East since 2007. Idea management services include on-site facilitation to help teams generate ideas and tap into their creativity, idea box e-mail and web-based solutions to extend and manage your suggestion programs, and mobile-device based options to crowd source your teams ideas and harness creativity whereever and whenever.

Sample Solutions

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Engagement Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Idea Management Collaboration Tools
  • Employee Suggestion Programs
  • Social media tools like team polling

The Employee Engagement Dimensions

What does the Employee Engagement Survey Measure?