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Intercultural Solutions

Intercultural Solutions

Service Overview

The need for Intercultural Solutions is growing as companies in China and across Asia

adapt to a more globalized marketplace and realize the benefits of increasing diversity

in the workplace.

About Intercultural Solutions

Our Intercultural Solutions associate team includes consultants, coaches, facilitators and trainers certified and accredited in cutting edge and industry standard tools and workshops to build intercultural competence and organizational effectiveness. Services include educational workshops, individual and organizational assessments, strategic facilitation, and coaching for global leaders. Our clients include Fortune 500 multinationals, Chinese state-owned enterprises, and Embassies and Consulates across Asia.

Sample Solutions

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Providing Global Leadership
  • From Local to Global Intercultural Skills Workshop
  • Relocation-based Cross Cultural Training and Counseling
  • Cross Cultural Assessments
  • Increasing Global Team Effectiveness